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Free-Tell-a-Friend is now SmartAddon
Why Choose Us
Your Sharing Made Easy
SmartAddon integrated a powerful platform behind your Share Button. Be assured your Share Button does more than just a good job. It's fully loaded. Only after you add the Share Button to your website, would you really know what the rest are missing out on.
Packed with Features
Improve your traffic dramatically
We all want traffic and with the help of our Share Button, you're sure to drive powerful targeted traffic straight to your website.
Easy to install onto your website
We've made it so easy to add our Share Button that you don't even need instructions. Nevertheless we give all the support to make it easy and straightforward as possible.
Social Networking
We've kept it simple and added the most popular bookmarks, so your users wouldn't need to waste time searching for them.
Retrieve Contacts & Address Books
We support major email providers. Your visitors can retrieve their contacts or address book directly from their e-mail accounts.
Invite Unlimited Friends
Your users can invite an unlimited amount of friends to your website as there are no limits whatsoever.
Mailing List Manager
A full mailing list manager is included allowing your visitors the option to subscribe to your newsletters. You can view, edit, e-mail your subscribers directly from your control panel.
Visitor Statistics
We understand your user activities are important to you, so we give you statistics of your users straight from your control panel.
Referral List
You can view a list of your users that have referred visitors to your website. By rewarding them with incentives, you can encourage more sharing.
We've got a number of customizations to make our Share Button yours.
Customize your e-mail message
Set the default e-mail subject and message. This means you decide what your visitors say about your website.
Translate the Addon to any language
Change every word of the Share Button to match your chosen language. You decide the text to show.
Remove the branding
We give you the option to remove all SmartAddon branding from the Share Button.
Add your own Branding
You can design your own branding and have it displayed on the Share Button seamlessly.
A variety of share button to choose from
A wide range of button designs are available to match your website, or you can always use your own images.
Use your own button
Our Share Button is fully functional with any button and links you may want to use.
Technical Stuff
The Share Button is not only great on the surface, but it's amazing on the inside too.
Send Rich HTML Emails
The e-mails support customized Rich HTML emails to match your website with images, links and formatted text.
Fast Loading Time
The actual JavaScript which is required to load is under 5KB. Your average user will load this in a fraction of a second.
Custom Redirection
Allow your visitors to come back to a custom website address set by you after sharing your website.
Website Integration
You can install the Share Button directly onto your website without buttons, pop-ups or branding. This will increase your visitors trust with your website.
What Next?
SmartAddon offers a unique Share Button to add to your website. We offer a share button and tell a friend button to add onto your website including social buttons such as Twitter button and Facebook button. When your users click the tell a friend button, a share widget will be displayed giving options to share. Get our free share button today!